invest in nurses,
not corporate profits  

Health care is about people, not profit. Join nurses across the country in telling our ministers of health that for-profit corporate health care staffing agencies are not the solution to Canada’s nurse shortage crisis. Let’s demand sustainable public health care solutions that put patients before profit.

Why it matters

Health care in Canada is at a crossroads. The recent rise of for-profit nursing agencies is exacerbating staffing shortages rather than solving them. These agencies charge exorbitant rates, drain public funds and create a system where health care delivery is driven by profit margins, not patient needs.

Skyrocketing Costs

For-profit health care staffing agencies charge up to six times the hourly rate of a regular nurse, pushing health care budgets to the brink. While a private nurse staffing agencies can charge up to $300 per hour, a full-time publicly employed nurse typically earns between $27 to $54 per hour.

Draining of Public Health care

The reliance on for-profit agencies undermines the principles of Canada’s public health care system, threatening its sustainability and quality. With operations shrouded in secrecy, for-profit staffing agencies operate with minimal transparency, making it difficult to track the effectiveness of funds spent.

Band-aid fix

For-profit health care staffing agencies offer a temporary band-aid, not a solution, shifting nurses around without addressing the root causes of nurse staffing shortages.

take action

Health care is a right, not a commodity. It’s time to voice our opposition to the privatization of health care staffing in Canada. Your MP and provincial minister of health needs to hear from you. Click below to send a message expressing your concern about for-profit nursing agencies and demanding investment in a public health care system that serves all people in Canada equitably. Together, we can ensure that our health care system prioritizes care over profit.

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The Solution

Sustaining Nursing in Canada proposes a set of concrete actionable solutions to help meaningfully solve the health care staffing crisis.

This report details how governments’ poor planning and failure to address the systemic challenges facing nurses created today’s crisis and the impact on nurses, patients and the health system.

Nurses are at the heart of the solutions recommended in this report:

  • Retaining experienced nurses to ensure the highest quality of care
  • Returning nurses who have left to bolster an ailing workforce
  • Recruiting and training the nurses of tomorrow to meet future needs
Read the full Report